Minecart and chunk unloading

01. 01. 2023

Minecart and chunk unloading

Please read the whole context, though, that being said …

TL;DR: What happens when many minecarts are sent out of rendered chunks, will the stack and bug out, i.e., not continue properly?

Extra Question

Is there a way to make sure certain chunks are always loaded? And also, is there a way to load the chunks around a moving minecart as if it were a player until stationary, and after resuming movement?


So, I want to make a massive storage system, and send items via minecart, though this storage system will be between a few different players settlements, so a minecart with chest sent to the system will leave the rendered chunks. I believe this means it will not continue until loaded.

What I was wondering is does it continue at the same speed when in it loaded? And what If I sent around 20 minecarts with chests, would the all continue successfully on loading the nest chunks? I am worried that then could stack and cause either a loss in momentum, or a drastic change in momentum, or even direction.

Additionally, I am worried about what may happen is a Redstone contraption in half-loaded that the system relies on.