TheMadWolf’s Realistic WolfCraft

10. 17. 2022

TheMadWolf’s Realistic WolfCraft

MadWolf makes a bold claim with his texture pack's name. “Realistic” is something that isn't easily applied to a game like Minecraft, but he manages this bold claim rather well. There are many reasons the name could stick.

Maybe it's the part where there are over 60 animations in this texture pack. That would certainly help, and not many other texture packs can cram in as many animations as WolfCraft does. But more likely it's the high detail in all of the blocks, which come in at a pleasing 32×32 resolution. Many of the blocks in the game have a great amount of minute detail, which gives it an almost photorealistic look (aha! Hence the name!) The wood plank block looks especially tasty, as you can see great shading details and color gradation. Certainly a cut above many other texture packs. MadWolf even threw in a couple of new paintings in the form of drapes—one for each side of a window.

Another great feature of the WolfCraft texture pack is that it's guaranteed to work with a high number of mods. Over two dozen mods are supported by WolfCraft, so hardcore modders can use this pack without fear.

1. Download and InstallMCPatcher HD
2. Download WolfCraft Texture Pack
3. Open the Start menu and click “Run”
4. Type “%appdata%” (without quotes)
5. Find a folder named “/.minecraft/”. Go inside and find a /texturepacks/ folder
6. Copy and paste texture pack .zip file into texturepacks folder
7. Launch Minecraft
8. Change your Texture Pack